We offer you four different Anjou rouge and Anjou villages, mainly stemming from cabernet franc and from a touch of cabernet sauvignon according to the vintage. This range of red wines comes in a variety of delicious fruity wines, up to the complex and ageing “Terroir” blendings.


Anjou Village “Les Nepperons”

A red elegant and structured wine coming from a selected plot of vineyard, the Clos des Nepperons..
The “Nepperons” cuvée is a selection of cabernet franc, stemming from the slopes bearing this name, kept for the great quality of their soil. It matures in barrels.

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Anjou Villages Origine

A structured red wine, true expression of the schist and cabernet couple. The powerful, robust and deep in structure Anjou Villages is a wine for ageing (10 years). It can be served with game, grilled beef meat.

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Anjou Villages Cuvée Foulque Nerra

This red wine is noble and powerful in the image of the builder of the Château: Foulques Nerra (970-1040). The “Foulques Nerra” cuvée is a selection of the best cabernets of the estate, vinified only with the exceptional vintages, it bears the name of the one who created the Château de Passavant and built it in the Xth century.

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Anjou Rouge

Typical red fresh and easy-to-drink Loire wine. The Anjou rouge is a supple and pleasant wine. It can be drunk in the year but will favourably develop during 4 or 5 years. It can be served with grilled red meat, pork meat, some fish cooked the Anjou way.

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This product was awarded the following medals:
1992: Vinexpo, silver medal – 1997 & 2003: Macon, bronze medal – 1999: Angers, Lys bronze medal – 1999: Macon, bronze medal – 2006: Paris, silver medal

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