A tradition from Anjou, the dry or semi-dry wines are “pleasure” wines.
Appreciated in the summer for their fragrances at the time of apéritif, the most structured ones can go with any meal any time of the year.


Rosé d’1 jour

A French outstanding sweet wine, a selection of botrytised rosé Grolleau wine. An exceptional bottle for your aperitif, this selection of botrytised rosé Grolleau wine is a 2005 creation. As a sweet, suave and aromatised, very feminine wine, it allows to discover the whole potential of this unrecognized grape variety.

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Crémant de Loire Rosé méthode ancestrale

A fine rosé and extra brut bubble with fruity aromas. This brut ancestral method, from the frank cabernet and black grolleau, with fine red fruit aromas will be tasted at the time of an aperitif and with raspberry, strawberry, blueberry pastries.

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The following medals rewarded this product:
1999: Angers, Lys gold medal – 2000: Angers, Lys gold medal – 2001: Angers, Lys bronze medal


Cabernet d’Anjou

Appellation with increasing success in Anjou, this semi-dry rosé wine combines sweetness with acidity within a gourmet balance. The Cabernet d’Anjou embodies the tradition of the semi-dry wines of our area. It can be served as an aperitif, with a chilled melon. It is amazing with exotic cuisine.

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This product was awarded the following medals:
2000: Angers, Lys bronze medal – 1998: Paris, silver medal – 1999: Macon, bronze medal – 2001: Angers, Liger silver medal – 2002: Lys bronze medal


Rosé de Loire

A dry, delicious and fruity rosé wine with no acidity.
The Rosé de Loire is a dry, light wine with red berry aromas. It is the ideal wine for a summer lunch outside.

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This product was awarded the following medals:
1991: Angers, Lys silver medal – 1999: Macon, gold medal – 2000: Angers, Lys bronze medal – 2003 Angers, Lys gold medal – 2003: VIF gold medal – 2006: Angers, silver Liger – 2005: Angers, silver Liger – 2004: Macon, silver medal

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