Our approach

An Ecological philosophy

Ecological approach since 1998

Certified organic production

We have been working in organic production (since 1998) and biodynamic production (since 2007) in the vineyard and in the cellar as well.

This production choice is guided by a will to work in harmony with our natural environment. We desire creating unique wines, faithful to their origins. We respect our ideals and the quality expected by our customers.

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Work in our vineyard

Preserve biodiversity

Through our work we try to maintain a natural biome in the vineyard.

We preserve a large biodiversity, our natural hedges and thickets enable a self-regulation of pests.
We increased our vines‘s natural defenses thanks to plant decoctions, mineral inputs according to biodynamic rules.

When the disease pressure is too high (mildew and powdery mildew) we protect the vines with contact treatments: copper sulphate and sulfur. All these products have a natural origin.


Our philosophy


Our job in vineyard, starts by a step of wide and continuous observation of our vines. The understanding of phenomena which affects vines metabolism is crucial to respond accurately and in a preventive way.

An ecological effort

To go further in our ecological effort, we turn to eco-pasture with 52 charmoise race sheeps. We aim to reduce our tractor use and to improve the weed management and valorization with sheep. The flock will be in the vineyard during autumn and winter

Other actions done in coherence with our approach

  • 1998 reprocessing of winery effluent
  • 2004 recovery of rainwater to our treatments
  • 2012 set up, on the cellar roof, photovoltaic panels (85 KW)
  • 2019 buying an electric car for the company + set up a charger
  • 2021 set up 10 beehives in the vineyard
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