Located in South Anjou

The Château de Passavant is located South Anjou in the Haut-Layon area, where the river with the same name springs up, the vineyard stretches out over55 hectaresled in organic agriculture since 1998 and in biodynamic agriculture since 2011.

Claire Lecomte, Olivier Lecomte and François David associated within the SCEA David-Lecomte have been managing the estate since 1993. They are the fourth generation of vine-growers managing the family castle.

14 wines – 7 appellations – 3 ranges

Simplicité Ethique (ethical simplicity) includes the following appellations, Rosé de Loire, Cabernet d’Anjou, Anjou Blanc and Rouge, Coteaux du Layon, vinified every year in a considerable volume and quickly put onto the market.

Expression Poétique (poetic expression) gathers together theAnjouVillagesand Côteaux du Layon appellations stemming from the Château de Passavant’s best soils. These cuvées are vinified only with the good vintages allowing long maturings.

The Cuvées Magiques (magic blendings) gather the Anjou Blanc, Anjou Villages, Crémant de Loire, Côteaux du Layon appellations. Exceptional because of their rarity or of their making technique, these bottles enhance the value of some selected soils, an exceptional vintage and some original techniques of wine-making and maturing.


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